Sofia Trading & Consulting LTD

We connect the business

Mainly we offer our services for:


  1. Partner Research,
  2. Partner Managing,
  3. Agency,
  4. Import-Export,
  5. Turistic Offers,
  6. Promoting Turistic Projects,
  7. Company Registration in Bulgaria

Actually we have these business on:


  1. Calcium Carbonate (CaCo3),
  2. Investment in Innovative Tyres/Plastics Recycling Plant,
  3. Iron Scraps,
  4. Rolls for Steel/Metals/Plastic Lamination,
  5. Sailing Charter,
  6. Bulgarian Wines (Actually Only for Italian Market),
  7. Accessories for Wine Industry,
  8. Bulgarian Walnuts Oil,
  9. Bulgarian Rose Oil


For further infos, for offers and/or requests or for any consulting service you could need from us, don’t hesitate to CONTACT US