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Internationalization: market research for company partner, made abroad, so to improve the business over the national borders.

This is our core business: we  have specialization in international markets. We offer you our services so that you won’t need to use your internal resources.

We have an experience of more than 30 years in international trading all around East and Central Europe:

therefore we are able to offer our knowledge to the companies who need to improve their business abroad.

In fact we have marketed raw materials, metals and steel scraps, chemicals, plastics, wood,  leather and related machineries for tens of years.

Partners research and material reasearch or for having a logistic or production point in the new off-shore area of Triest, we do also this.

Finally we can assist you in the creation of a company in Bulgaria. About this last point we have lawyers, accountants and translators able to prepare all the documents you need for starting.

At this point you have an enough clear picture of what we do and what we could do fo you. Contact us only for having more informations or more details: we’ll be proud to hear you !!

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