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STC – CTC SOFIA TRADING & CONSULTING is a dynamic reality specialized in companies internationalization with partners in Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Russia, Austria and Italy too. Consequently partner and material research, partner managing, agency, international trading are our activities.

Similarly logistic assistance is one of our main supports we can offer in the new off-shore Port of Triest.

Our base is in Sofia, in one of the most active countries of Europe, Bulgaria. First of all we have connections in all East Europe. But even more in Italy and Germany therefore we are able to create connections for your business.

Because of our experience of more than 30 years in trading, in the East Countries and Europe, of raw materials and industrial machines, we have enough knowledge to offer you our services.

So why choose us? Because we can solve your problems, for having new suppliers or customers or find new materials, for your production outsourcing the activities.

Therefore if you need someone to trust, you are in the right place: we will be very proud to increase your business, before being your partner we are your best friends.

STC SOFIA TRADING & CONSULTING eood – CTK София Трейдинг & Консултинг

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