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Triest Off-Shore Port

Last May 2017 the Italian Government recognized and approved the status of Free Port (Off-Shore) to the Port of Triest.

Triest Off-Shore Port has the cheapest prices for loading and unloading containers 20″ and 40″, and the cheapest for storage as well. Moreover has the perfect connection between ships, railways and highways, because all these ways are max 1 km far away one another.

Differently from other duty free ports of Europe, this is the only one where a PRODUCTION can be organized WORKING in a duty free area. For example: a company buys raw material from abroad and on this material there is import duty to pay.  When this material has the duty on , this goes on the final price of the product.

If the raw material arrives in Triest Off-Sore Port AND HERE the industry works and trasforms it, you will have NO DUTY on the final product.
Moreover if the custom clearance is made at the exit of the Port, there is the possibility to pay the VAT after 180 DAYS !!! To clarify, we support you for finding your area inside, begin to operate very fastly and also for custom clearances.

We can offer you the collaboration with our sister company, already authorized to operate in the Port. In conclusion we give to our clients the fastest solution at the everyday heavier production costs.

In short, don’t hesitate to contact us for any more info !!


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