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Bulgarian and Italian Wines

Wine exists since from the night of the times and in many parts of the world, today, there are good productions.

But our opinion is that Bulgarian wines and Italian ones are the top, for quality, for research and for spectacular sensations that one can feel when drinks these nectars.

For this reason our project is to let italians know the very incredible quality of the Bulgarian production and the bulgarians know the Italian local wines. The very well-known grapes you can find everywhere, Bulgaria and Italy included of course, but what is really the taste of the land you can find only in the local wines and this is what we are on the way to do.

In this way we are very proud to offer to our partners 3 italian and 5 bulgarian winemakers: their productions and their tastes are unique. More bulgarian wineries are on the way to enter in our project.

This is the Bulgarian Wines dedicated website only in italian because it is exclusively for italian market.


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